Can the Generation Study help generations to come?

Find out if you qualify for an Alzheimer's prevention research study.

Can you help advance Alzheimer's research?

See if you may qualify for the Generation Study.

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How will the Generation Study work?

Part 1: Find out if you pre-qualify

Click here to take our simple, no-commitment questionnaire as the first step towards determining if you may be a candidate for the Generation Study.

Part 2: Join GeneMatch

GeneMatch, led by Banner Alzheimer's Institute, is a program that matches people to research studies based in part on their genetic information.

GeneMatch will provide you with a quick and painless cheek swab kit, either through the mail or in person at a study site, to determine which copies of a gene (known as the APOE gene) you have. You will not be told your APOE results as part of the GeneMatch program.

  • GeneMatch will select potentially eligible participants who do and do not carry a risk factor, known as APOE4, to be invited to a study site.
  • Not everyone who is interested and eligible will be invited to join the Generation Study and those who are invited are under no obligation to participate.

Part 3: Receive study treatment

After learning the study’s benefits and risks and signing the consent, qualified volunteers will receive investigational study medication or placebo and related care from their study doctor and research staff.

These investigational medications are being studied because they may help prevent a substance called amyloid beta from building up in the brain, which has been shown to be associated with the development of Alzheimer's disease. The goal of this study is to test the effectiveness of these medications as compared to placebo for preventing Alzheimer's disease.

If you participate in this part of the Generation Study, you will receive investigational study medication for at least 60 months, and possibly up to 96 months, depending on when you join the study. During this time, you'll need to attend regular study appointments with the study doctor and research staff. The study staff will work with you to find convenient times for these appointments.

You can opt out of the study at any time. Please remember, study staff will inform you of the study's risks and benefits before you begin each step.

To find out if you're eligible, take our simple, no-commitment questionnaire.

See if you may qualify for the Generation Study.

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